Agnieszka and Lukasz Wedding | London Wedding Photographer

I always say that for me, as a photographer, the most important are people. No matter where the ceremony or the wedding is, in the castle or at the firehouse. No matter if the church is large or small. Of course I am not saying that the place does not help, but still the most important are people. So first time when I met Agnieszka and Lukasz I knew how lucky I am and I met such great people. Moreover, I heard that the wedding will take place at “Restauracja Lesniczowka” in Wodzislaw Slaski, which is my favorite wedding place. Obviously I thought that I am double lucky. Moreover on the wedding day, when I came to the restaurant, I saw one of my favorite music bands called “In Plus”. Who could ask for more? I grabbed my camera and took lots of photographs, so please have a look at some of them quite a lot but I just couldn’t resist posting less pictures!