Central Gurdwara London – Sikh wedding photos

I recently  visited Central Gurdwara in London. I had a privilege help out to a great photographer Slawa to take pictures of a very beautiful couple Sunil and Ruvleen, during their colourful Sikh wedding ceremony.

Before I show you photos from the day, let me share a short story.  I met a lovely lady in the temple on a wedding day.  She brought a very old photos of her grandfather, to show it to the members of the family, who had no chance to see it before. Photos has been taken in the previous century in India. Probably in 1930-1940. I strongly believe that documenting members of our family and our life is one of the most important role of the photography. It is beautiful that these photographs taken long time ago still exists and everybody can see them.  That is why it is so important to take group photos on a wedding day. The value of photos always increase over the time.

Feel free to have a look at photos from a beautiful Sunil and Ruvleen’s sikh wedding ceremony.


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