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5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Wedding Entertainment

Searching for wedding entertainment can be a daunting process.  Lots of couples asked me about musicians for a wedding. I always tried to help them as much as I can to find an artist but it is not easy. Luckily I found out that Rachel one of my Bride has run an amazing website which definitely should help everyone who is looking for a wedding entertainment. Have a read through these 5 tips from Rachel Riel at that should help get you started!

 Match your style

Your wedding style is a reflection on you and your partner, so your entertainment should complete the tone. Search for a band or musician who really complements the feel of your day, and don’t be afraid to experiment! If you and your partner have totally different tastes, chose a band who can be versatile.

Get personal

There’s no way to know whether you’re booking the right band for your wedding unless you communicate with them. Have a real chat with your potential musicians about what you’re really looking for on your special day. If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t so go with your gut! Using a platform like you can easily talk directly to musicians and get a feel for how professional they are.

Be different

If you don’t want to be conventional with your music choices then don’t be! Don’t be afraid to surprise your guests with a special touch if you’d prefer to think outside of the box. Only you and your partner know what makes you comfortable so if you want to create a bang then go for it!

Remember the ceremony

Hiring a pianist or harpist to play during your ceremony can be a beautiful touch. Imagine a violinist playing beautiful strings as your guests are waiting for you to arrive. Weddings are often all about the small touches so think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create throughout the big day.

Read reviews

The best way to get a sense of what kind of service you’ll be receiving from your entertainment is to read past reviews. Have a look at what other couples have said about your shortlisted bands, do your research and pick carefully, so that you don’t have to worry when the day comes.
If you need some extra help then  Rachel is happy to help with finding great musicians for your big day!

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