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Christening photographer London

I provide a professional and friendly baptism and christening photography service in London. If you want a creative photographer who can document the story of your day with evocative and emotional images, then give me a call to see how I can help.

photography of the christening ceremony in the london church

Christening photo sessions in London

The birth of a child is one of the most remarkable and life-affirming moments in life. Capturing that time and the celebrations such as baptisms and christenings that go with it is important. These are single moments you certainly won’t want to forget.

As time goes on, you can look back on these occasions, view those great images and reminisce with loved ones. A professional christening photographer can help you capture those important and small personal moments that should never be forgotten.

I take a journalistic approach to photography. While you can have staged images, where members of the family gather around your new child, they can seem a little static. Some of the most memorable stories are made by carefully observing an event and taking pictures at just the right moment. These can unveil that certain look, reveal the raw emotions that bring an image to life and make you want to look at it again and again.

London photographer for christening taking a photo in the church during the ceremony

Photographing an occasion such as a baptism or christening is about being unobtrusive but noticing those little moments that are most engaging. Putting people at ease so that they show their true nature is all part of the way that I work as a professional photographer in London.

Great photos are not only about capturing those moments, of course, there are other things to consider such as the light and the composition. Sometimes, you only have a few seconds to get everything right and it takes someone with a good deal of experience to spot the opportunity for a great photograph and be prepared for it.

Christening picture from the church ceremony on the photo priest, baby and the family 

Professional christening photographer

We all have cameras nowadays and it can be tempting to let everyone take their shots and hope that someone comes up with the quality images you can save to remind you of the day. Hiring a professional christening photographer in London guarantees you’ll get those images, pictures to keep and cherish as your child grows up. You get pin point sharp pictures, properly composed that can be printed to various sizes depending on your needs.

Baptism ceremony photography from london

I can work with you and provide a flexible photography service that fits exactly with what you want. I make sure I get to know my clients and don’t just turn up snapping away without any thought. There may be parts of the ceremony where you don’t want a photographer getting in the way. You might have your own ideas of the type of images you want for the day. I’ll be able to sit down with you and talk you through my ideas as well as listen to your own.

closest family at the christening ceremony in London

Looking for Baptism and Christening photographer in London?

There’s no doubt that a christening or baptism is a big occasion for mums, dads and families. If you are looking for a friendly and professional christening photographer in London, someone who can create truly memorable images of your day, then contact me to find out how I can help.



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