Moments, love and emotions

Reportage style Documentary wedding photographer

Photo of the day – it is a new series on my blog. I will try to show and explain which photographs are important for me, which photographs I am looking for during a work at the wedding. I hope it will be helpful for you to see my photography style and to show you the way how I work. So let’s start.

Kids – Usually children run very fast around guests, enjoy all the time, show lots of expression. Smilling and crying. They have huge amounts of energy. Even in the end of the wedding day they often are very active.

The situation on the photo below which I took in 2010 is totally diffrent. When guests dancing a little girl is not moving. She is deeply thinking and observing the situation around. There is something magical in this photo.
I took 7-8 photos but she looked away all the time. So I was still waiting. Finally she turned her head in my direction and it was the correct moment to take the photograph.
I really love her pose.

As a Documentary wedding photographer I am looking for this kind of moments.