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Today I would like to share with you some tips regarding pre-wedding photo shoot, called very often an engagement photo shoot or couple photo session.

Engagement photo shoot, Couple photo session

Probably it is the first time when you and your beloved have a professional photo shoot. Hope that these few tips can help you to be better prepared for your photo session.

Have fun and enjoy during your engagement photo shoot!

You have decided to do the engagement photos and have an amazing pictures which will stay with you forever. The aim behind the shoot is to narrate your tale of love through pictures. I think it is important to have overall vision about your photos you wish to get. Discuss about it with your photographer. Don’t feel like you have to do something just because it’s what everyone else does. It can be very crazy session or romantic photo shoot. Enjoy during the photo session, have a good fun and trust me the result will be amazing.

Happy couple engagement photos


What outfit to wear for pre wedding shoots?

First at all you should feel comfortable. Also try to match outfits to the theme of your session. For example suit doesn’t look good if you wish to do crazy photos. Try to avoid wearing green colours if you are planing photos in the park. Make sure your outfits matches. Coordinate with your partner, that doesn’t mean you end you wearing the same colours.

engagement photo session ideas

engagement photo session London

Location for pre wedding shoots.

Sometimes couples choose locations for engagement photo session at the place where their love story started or at the place which evokes lots of good memories. Sometimes couples wish to have great photos, but have no idea about locations. In this case discuss with your photographer. Tell him your vision and he will definitely help to choose the location. I think it is worth to say that couple photos can be the one of the best you have. In most of cases you are not limited by the time, you can do experiments, travel between locations, taking photos in the morning time as well as in the night. Good photographer always knows how to choose the best location for photo shoot and the best time. Remember that the best locations doesn’t mean that we have to stand under the Big Ben being surrounded by thousand of tourists. Trust your photographer.


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Cooperation with your photographer.

It is important to know that for success must work at least 3 people. Photographer and both of you. The best engagement photographer is not able to create an amazing photos without your help. Remember that you are the most important part of the picture.

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London photo session of happy couple

Makeup for engagement photo shoot.

Hair and makeup are important aspects of the photo shoot. Personally I think that a very good idea is to do a wedding makeup trial in the morning ( or hair ) and after have the photo shoot. It gives you the idea how will your wedding makeup look in photographs.

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