They decor…and they do it good!

Blossomania, that is the name of company I would like to mention in this post, is a hire decoration company that I recently met and they drew my attention with a few details that I would like to share.

It is a company like many, but after getting to know them better, I will focus on 3 reasons why you can be interested in them as well:

Flower walls London

  1. All their flower walls for hire are designed and created by them. They do not order ready-made panels from wholesalers as other companies do. Asking them why, they gave me one reason – they want their products to be unique and special.

No other company can make the same flower walls because their flowers are sometimes specially dyed or sprayed.

Every single flower is attached to the base separately to make sure that the structure is solid, durable. ,,On my own wedding, I would rather not to have something that can be frequently seen on Instagram. So, I reduce this risk by creating every wall that is one of a kind” said Hannah, Blossomania owner. Unique approach I have to say.

  1. With Blossomania you can hire add-ons such as welcome boards, plan tables that match to particular floral wall for hire or theme. Thanks to this, the whole decoration look is consistent and everything is kept in the same tone. This is a very helpful option for couples who simply do not have time for choosing and buying separate decorative elements and wedding accessories. Such a smart idea and everything adds up!
  2. I like Blossomania because they are new, ambitious and follow the trends. By hiring your wedding decorations with them you can be sure that their products are the in thing Be honest, it is normal that not everyone has knowledge about wedding accessories, doesn’t know that navy blue accessories and bows on chairs are out of date for a while.

So, isn’t it better to outsource and trust a company that knows all about it and is passionate with it?

Flower walls London

It’s nice to know such businesses as Blossomania that have such a good industry curiosity, individual approach to the client and big commitment. I am waiting for a few joint projects with them, I feel we can rock on many events together.

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