Family Photography

There are plenty of occasions where you may want to hire a family photographer in London. If you want images that seem to come to life on the page and look brilliant, you need a photographer who knows what they are doing and how to get the best out of a shoot.


Hire a Family Photographer

We all have cameras nowadays but there are some occasions where you may want to hire a professional to do the job for you. It might be a special birthday, an anniversary or a wedding or christening. Perhaps you just want something beyond the usual staged family scene where everyone sits in a row and smiles awkwardly at the camera.

I use a journalistic approach to photography. Sure, I can do the standard family gathering posed on the lawn or inside your house, even at my studio. But you get better images, in my opinion, when you allow people to relax and be themselves. Often, I’ll get my clients into a location where they can play around or have fun so that I can capture their interactions and produce vibrant images that say so much more than your standard official snap.

 The great news is there are plenty of locations in and around London that a good family photographer can take advantage of. You can visit brilliant local landmarks from Tower Bridge to London Zoo which each have their own characteristics and challenges. We don’t have to head into the city to get those great images, of course. Some of my best images have been taken at family parties.


What Makes a Good London Family Photographer?

As a professional photographer, it’s all about seeing the opportunities. Each family has its own dynamics and the first thing I do is sit down with you and find out what sorts of images you are looking for. The next thing is choosing the right location. That might be your own back garden or in your home, it could be at my studio or, more regularly nowadays, it could be out and about in London where there a host of creative opportunities at our disposal.


Great family photography, in my opinion, shouldn’t be static. It works a lot better when the subjects are relaxed and enjoying themselves, hardly noticing that there is someone nearby snapping away. My job as a professional family photographer is to make sure that I’m as unobtrusive as possible, capturing those candid, engaging moments that make such a difference. That can be a smile between two people, the moment the family dynamic suddenly comes together, even a slight glint in the eye here and there.


Memorable images happen on the spur of the moment and having the experience to capture these, considering the composition and the lighting at the same time, is the thing that sets a professional photographer apart from an amateur snapper. It can produce dynamic and interesting pictures that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy magazine.


Looking for a London family photographer?

If you want to record a family event or simply want some images of your loved ones that stand out from the ordinary, then contact me today for a professional family photography service in London that delivers outstanding quality.