Portrait photography

I provide a professional portrait photography service in London, blending a highly creative approach with technical skill that tells your story in an enigmatic and interesting way, allowing your personality to shine through.

Photography is not only my profession but my passion. Ever since I picked up a camera, I’ve been beguiled by the way images can tell a story, how lighting can affect mood and where those little differences create a photograph that sticks in the mind.


Photo session – What Makes a Great Portrait?

A great portrait photograph provides a deeper insight into the subject in front of the lens. The most famous studies all exude a sense of the colour and light while being composed in a way that brings the person to life.

A portrait photograph shouldn’t be a static image that has no personality, a mere expression of lines and angles. With all memorable portraits, there is a collaboration between the sitter and the photographer and the aim should be to ‘unleash’ what isn’t said. It may be defined by the lighting on the face, a glint in the eye, a certain sense of reflection or even anger but there is usually some central component of any strong portrait photograph that defines it more than anything else.


Portrait photographer in London – How I Work

As a professional portrait photographer I am not looking to create a mere likeness. I’m trying to find the essence of the person in front of me and bring that out in the images I create. This isn’t about sitting you down and getting you to pose in a certain, unimaginative way but making sure you are relaxed enough to show your true self. My skill is then to capture that and produce a series of images that do you justice.

Portrait photographs don’t have to be taken in a sterile London studio setting. Often, my clients are more relaxed in their own surroundings or locations that mean something to them. We can make use of natural light and capture personal moments such as when you laugh, have a conversation with someone, concentrate on a project or read a book, even when sipping your morning coffee.


I always work closely with my subjects to come up with ideas about how we can bring out their personality and create memorable images that say something about who they are.

Are you a CEO who wants a portrait with a formal setting? Or maybe you’ve just had your first child and want an intimate portrait of you as a mother or father. You might want me to capture candid portraits of you as you go about your daily life – walking in the park or talking to a friend in your local London café. Or perhaps you want to capture the life and vitality of your whole family in a group portrait.


Looking for a London portrait photographer?

There are numerous businesses in London that can take your portrait and it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you want a personal approach, images that stay in the mind and say something about you, send me a message today to discuss how I can help.