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Kind words | Wedding photography testimonials



Lindsay and Casey

Patryk was an amazing photography to work with and he made the day very special for us. He clearly has a very talented eye for finding the right light in unexpected places, and the results are amazing. He made both of us feel really comfortable, which helped us relax enough to actually enjoy the process. He was open to some of our more non-traditional ideas, which meant a lot to us, and we would absolutely recommend him to any of our close family and friends!


Ashley and Alisha

Patryk covered our wedding and his passion was clear to see. His attention to detail is evident in the photos we received, capturing moments that nobody else noticed! We could not be happier with the service we received; Patryk is as genuine as they come and was practically part of the family by the end of the wedding. Thank you!.


Yanika and Luke

Wow, these photos are simply amazing, most especially in love with the portraits of people (not looking at the camera) – fantastic job!!
Thank you for capturing such many great moments.

Katharine and Luke

Patryk is a fantastic photographer! His pictures are amazing – really captured the magical moments of our wedding. He is easy to talk to and great to work with. I would highly recommend his services.


Rachel and Ryan

We had a great experience with Patryk, he was professional, friendly and the pictures are beautiful! We had a large selection to chose from and the pictures came through very quickly after the big day. We’d recommend Patryk whole heartedly.


Joanna and Mitesh

I had seen Patryk’s work before at a friends wedding, so we knew the quality we would be getting. However what makes Patryk stand out is his style and attitude, he lets the event take place around him and his eye for detail for capturing the perfect shot to allow a story to be told is amazing. My wife and I did not notice him at our wedding but when the photos came through we realised the effort he had put in to tell us the story of our wedding through his eyes, which was amazing and delivered in the way that we had described. We would recommend him to anyone who wants a professional who loves his work, with a great attention to detail and the willingness to listen to the clients need, but with the skill to make suggestions where he feels certain things may not work. Thanks a lot for making our day special.
Mitesh and Jo.


Katharine and Said

Patryk was recommended to me by another photographer. When we met him to discuss wedding photographs, we knew we had found a talented individual; he was extremely passionate about his work, he cuts no corners. He believes in the importance of images in memories. He was extremely polite, unassuming and professional. He worked incredibly hard at our wedding – not missing a single moment. He worked from 11 am until midnight. I’m not sure if he took a break at all. His photographs are artful, thoughtful and intelligent. No cheesy poses. I don’t remember seeing him at the wedding; he is remarkably discreet and quiet, but yet has captured hundreds upon hundreds of moments. We could not have asked for a more stunning set of photographs. His photos are entirely unpretentious. They are colourful, vibrant, alive. I cannot recommend Patryk enough. He is extremely talented and I hope to see his work in galleries in the future. He is not just a wedding photographer, and some of his street photography is remarkable. I would not hesitate to recommend Patryk as a photographer and professional.


Matt and Filip

I have just been having a look at the wedding photos and want to say that they are amazing. Bring back a lot of good memories. Very happy that you did our photos, they all look really beautiful. You were very professional through out the day and you went the extra mile to cover everything that was happening during the long day. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends.


Marta and Kamil

Very professional, inventive and smart photographer !!! We used two times Patryk’s services, on our wedding and for family session. He done a great job! he immortalized our memorable moments in beautiful and subtle way.


Richard and Amanda

Patryk took the photos for our wedding. He did a wonderful job of documenting the day. We found him to be lovely to work with, he’s clearly very passionate about his photography. He was also very imaginative with his use of lighting and types of photo when required.