London Wedding photographer

 Hi. My name is Patryk I am a documentary wedding photographer based in London. I am a would-be chemist and musician. I love to play chess, but this is not what I am dedicated to. Although If you would like to play I will always find a time to play chess with you.

During my study time I discovered the photography and it was what overwhelmed me. Today I often look at the world through a photography prism. For me photography is something more than just an empty picture. Photography is irreversible process of recording stories, places, emotions and the most important for me – people.

Thanks to my work I can keep people’s memories forever. My approach is to create photographs that will have a big value for you. It is a very responsible and also a very rewarding job.

I am a full time wedding photographer but I am always happy to do photos where I can meet and photograph people. Family photos, birthday party, baptism, portrait photo session or just day in your life.

I will be honoured to keep the most beautiful memories for you. I look forward to hearing from you and hope we will meet soon.